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Win-WIn Child Custody

How to Obtain a Custody Agreement  that is Good for You, Your Children and your Ex

Career, Balance and the Pursuit of Happiness 

Your Blue Print for Success

Career Balance and the Pursuit of Happiness gives you the tools to find Balance in your life.  The book is broken up into three sections.  The first is about understanding who you are, the second is about dealing with people and the final section is about career.  

Win-WIn Child Custody is essential reading if you have children and are going through a divorce.  It will give you the tools to develop a parenting plan or learn to co-parent with a difficult parent which will save you money on legal bills, minimize stress on your children and help you keep you sanity!  


Digital Marketing, the Quintessential Guide is for those people who want to take a deep dive into Facebook, LInkedIn and Instagram.

How to start a Successful Internet Business is for those of you who want to start your own On-Line company.    

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The Life Coaching Handbook - Taking it to the next level was written for those of you who are self starters and maybe not ready for a personal coach yet.

Inspirational Quotes on Career Balance and the Pursuit of Happiness is great for finding motivation and witty quotes from some of the greatest minds in history.