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Why should you consider me? What are my qualifications?


I have been coaching people on career, financial, divorce, career and  relationship issues for over three decades.  I have a degree in Psychology from New York University.  I also have a Master’s of Business Administration in finance from Pace University.  I am a Certified Life Coach as well as an Energy Leadership Coach and have Coaching Certifications from iPEC and the Kain Ramsey Academy of Coaching.  I have worked for multiple Fortune 500 companies in an advisory capacity as well as had Fortune 500 companies as as clients such as: IBM, Raytheon, Shell and Koch Industries.  

In addition, I have appeared on the Cybil Shepherd Television Talk Show opposite Gloria Allred as an expert with regards to financial, emotional and logistical matters relating to divorce.  I have advised and coached clients at American Express, Wilshire Associates, Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley.  

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In addition, I have written six books, 'Career, Balance and the Pursuit of Happiness', 'The Life Coaching Handbook, 'Digital Marketing and Social Media', 'How to start a Successful Internet Business', 'Inspirational Quotes on Career Balance and the Pursuit of Happiness' and 'Win-WIn Child Custody - How to obtain a custody agreement that is good for you, your children and your ex'. I have also written many articles and have a podcast series on Finding Balance in your life on iTunes and YouTube.  Some of my articles including, ‘5 Tips to Optimize Your Linked In Profile'; 'Is Your Resume a Compelling Story or a Crusty List?'; 'Resume Writing Top 10 Tips';  and 'The 32 Essential Interview Questions', 'Meditation and other Stress Relief Techniques' and 'How to deal with Difficult People' are available on this website under articles.   


If you and I enter into a Coaching Relationship my promise is to use all my knowledge, skills and experience and focus it on YOU and YOUR situation.   I will give you the tools and techniques to clarify your life and career objectives, obtain the job you always wanted or find balance in your life.  I can help you:


  • Discover your true career calling

  • Re-position talents & abilities to land new roles

  • Move past limiting beliefs & blindsides to find balance in your life

  • Create a manageable action plan as well as gain confidence, accountability & motivation


Feel free contact me to schedule your FREE trial session.  


With best wishes for your success and happiness,

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