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We help professionals going through transition whether it is in your career, relationships, finances or just general life situations.  There are three kinds of people in the world, those who make things happen, those who watch things happen and those who wonder what happened!  

If you want to be the first type or accelerate your growth, Platinum Method Coaching is for you.  


We offer Career and Life Coaching for Professionals, by Professionals.  We help clients achieve their career objectives by matching their Passions with their Talents.  We also help people achieve their goals and maximize their potential by bringing their lives back into balance, through identifying their Passions, Limiting Beliefs, Core Values as well as Patterns of Unhelpful Thinking.   

Platinum Method Coaching

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Selecting an appropriate career field or landing the ideal job can be a challenging task. At  Platinum Method Coaching, we provide vocational training, career coaching, executive coaching, job search guidance as well as help with managing your relationships, health and life's routine responsibilities  more. We pay attention to your goals and offer strategic guidance.  We offer custom plans to help get your life back on track or accelerate your growth. Our mission is to increase personal awareness one person at a time. 

Platinum Method Coaching Process:
1) We look at where you are
2) We decide where you really want to be
3) We figure out what needs to happen to get you there
4) We design a plan and a timeline with short, intermediate and long term goals
5) We execute the plan together making adjustments and celebrating your wins as you go

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I want to help every client reach their full potential come in from the cold to get their dream job!

Carol S.
Santa Monica, CA

I was stuck in a job I just hated for over a year.  I could not get up my courage to make a change despite the fact that my job was taking a toll on my physical and emotional health. I was fearful that if I fully engaged in a job search my current employer would find out.  In a moment of desperation I called Platinum Coaching. My first session with my Coach, Joe, eased my anxiety and got me started on a major plan for positive career and life change. I needed hand holding, cheer leading and sound career/life coaching methods and techniques.  I got them all at Platinum Method Coaching. Three months later I am in a new job that is a perfect match for my interests, skills and personality.
Thank you, Joe, for getting my life and my career back on the right track.

Awareness and action lead to results

The type of client who's most successful with coaching is the one who's committed to making change and willing to do the work to get there.  Every client comes to coaching wanting results--a promotion, a new job, better outcomes, having a more profitable business, etc. The only way to get results is to take action.  


During our work together, we'll put our focus on getting clarity around what you really want, and the thoughts, beliefs and actions that have been holding you back from getting it. With this knowledge, we can then work on breaking old patterns and creating new pathways towards success. 


In between sessions, you'll have assignments, designed individually for you, to get you moving in the direction you want to go, coupled with accountability for completing those actions. And with this, we get progress.

We Can Help you:

Identify and Land your Dream Job


Improve your interview & networking skills and elevator speech


Construct a bullet proof resume and personal brand that stands out


Implement a laser-focused, network-based job search


Bring other parts of your life back into balance


Help you to understand and deal with difficult people

We have the skill and experience required to help you achieve your business goals. Discuss your business or career concerns with Platinum Method Coaching and see how we can help you.

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When you get to that crossroad and realize that you want to get to the next level but feel that you are either at an impasse or simply do not have the tools to breakthrough, that is when you can use a helping hand to objectively evaluate your situation and help you reach the next level.